Would you like your Nissan Navara D22 to have Remote Controlled Central Locking ..?

This is a Very Common job request we get asked all the time. We have fitted over 5000 Nissan Navara D22 and Nissan 4WD Ute Central Locking over the past 25 Years!

Your Nissan Navara D22 Model should have come from the Factory with "Key Operated" Central Locking. Which means you turn the key on the Drivers Door and the rest of the doors will follow.

At Central Locking Solutions we have available a Kit which Upgrades your "Key Operated" Central Locking to become "Remote Controlled" or otherwise termed "Keyless Entry" Central Locking. Meaning you can just push a button to Lock and Unlock your Doors by Remote Control and no longer have to use the key, other than to start the vehicle.

This Great Upgrade has been super popular over the years as people come to expect Remote Control Keyless Entry to be the normal way of Locking and Unlocking your vehicle doors nowadays. We now have this Kit Available for DIY Installation and comes with all the parts you need and very comprehensive Instructions Manual with all the photos, write-up and step by step procedure to Upgrade your Nissan Navara D22 to have Remote Controlled Central Locking.

Temporary Notice: As this is a New Product we've decided after many years of requests to make available for Retail Customers we are still further refining and developing the instruction set according to feedback we receive from customers.

Our Technicians have been performing this Nissan Navara D22 Remote Control Upgrade for over 20 Years with 100% Success Rate. As this is a very advanced Installation process we haven't made it available for general public purchase, until now. We have decided to make it available due to the huge number of enquiries we get both locally and around Australia with no options being available from Nissan or other parts suppliers, so we've made a kit available.

Please note the instructions although very thorough is still being updated when customer feedback requires us to add more detail in certain areas. Our Technicians can follow the instructions very easily having done them for many years, but as a first time installer we will need your feedback if you get stuck at any point so we can include extra details to instructions if needed.

You can phone us anytime on 0488 820 860 if you get stuck at any part of the process.

This is NOT recommended for those who have never worked on cars or door locks. Only recommended for owners with advanced car fixing skills and good selection of workshop tools. Including cordless drill, soldering iron, screw-drivers and spanners/sockets.

NISSAN NAVARA D22 - Remote Control Central Locking UPGRADE

With over 32,000 Central Locking Doors Installed over the past 25 Years one could say we've had an amount of Experience with Central Locking Installations and Repairs. This includes and how to Design, Manufacture and Install Central Locking Kits to work Reliably for over 15 to 20 Years of trouble free operation! With the greatest amount of testing in the Harshest environments, our Central Locking Repair kits have endured thousands of kilometres in Camry Vehicles.

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